Our Favorite Bible Journaling Supplies

Remember that feeling you got when you were a kid and it was time to buy new school supplies? My very favorite thing was getting the brand new box of perfectly sharp crayons. All the colors just made me swoon! That’s exactly how I feel about getting new Bible Journaling supplies. Absolutely giddy. Yes, I know, I am a dork. But I love them so much. 


So in the name of spreading giddiness, I thought I would share a few of my favorite supplies. But, before we get started, I do want to address the issue of bleed through. Bible pages are thin (some thinner than others) and if you journal in your Bible, eventually bleed through will happen. Some pens are much better than others, but I advise you to come to peace with the occasional bleed through now and avoid the heartache later. When ever in doubt, test the pen on a page in the back of your Bible.

So, let's get to it! Here are my must have, all time favorite Bible Journaling supplies:

A Bible

In order to Bible Journal you probably need a Bible. Any Bible will work, but I LOVE Journaling Bibles because of the extra room for notes and art work. You can find them in lots of places but if you aren’t going to buy one from me 🙂 then I highly suggest Christianbook.com. They have a huge variety and usually really good prices. 


My favorite Bible is the ESV Large Print Leather Cover Journaling Bible in Mocha. I carry here with Bible tabs already applied, but you can find it other places as well. And, you can always check out the other Journaling Bibles I sell in the shop. 

Pens and Pencils

PRISMACOLOR COLORED PENCILS – Y’all. These pencils are the bomb. I adore them. They lay down color like nothing else I have used. And there are sooooo many colors! 


We just started selling these in the shop and you can find them here. I love to use them in my coloring Bibles, my Bible Journal and to underline in my Journaling Bible. 

PILOT FriXion CLICKER ERASABLE PENS – I love all things FriXion. They are truly erasable and they rarely bleed through. You can grab these here


I LOVE these, too! They are great for lettering and for underlining. You can get these here


If you are a gel pen aficionado, these are the pens for you. The are great gel pens and like all FriXion pens they are erasable, too. You can snag some of these pens here


Were you starting to think this was really just a FriXion ad? Not to worry! 


These Zebra Mildliners are fantastic highlighters. They are dual ended – one is like a traditional wide highlighter and the other has a finer point. These are so useful and you can find them here

Washi Tape

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. How did we ever live without washi tape???


Ok, I know this is a lot of washi tape, but I have been collecting it for years. And, yes, I do have a few that don’t fit in the drawer. No judgement please! You can find some cute washi tape here, here, and here

Bible Journal

Sometimes I like to journal more than there is space for in my Bible and that’s why I created this Bible Journal. 

It’s a great way to take more notes or have more space to draw and still keep everything in one spot. These are available in my shop here

Well, that is it for now. I hope you will try out some of these awesome supplies and let me know what you think. 


I’d also LOVE to hear from you! Do you have some fave supplies that I need to know about? Leave a comment and let us know! 🙂






  • Margaret

    Beware! Erasable pens like Frixion are not “archival,” that is, eventually their writing will disappear (typically years, in moderate temperatures), Notes using thermal ink such as used by Frixion will disappear with heat. If you leave your bible in a hot car for hours, your notes could be gone. They may reappear if you chill your bible, but so will all your erasures, if you have any.

  • Virginia

    I’m truly drawn to your beautiful products. There is one product I keep looking for and perhaps you know where to find it. It’s like your full page journal added with lesson notes and questions. It seems to cover the entire bible but I’ve only seen Proverbs. I want space – lots of space – to reflect and write. I want to learn more than I learned in Seminary. I have lots of time for study with my old arthritis but have trouble with heavy texts. Would you have a clue what I may have seen? Do you know where such journals are to be found beside and including Etsy? I’d appreciate any help. By the way – it is spiral bound 8.5 × 11 inches – pages about 32lb.
    Thanks, Virginia Bono

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