Love in Action - Romans 12:10

Continuing with our Love in Action Series, we’re digging into Romans 12, verse 10 this week. 

Some translations say, “Be devoted to one another in brotherly love” or “with genuine affection.”  The bottom line is that we are called to a deep, caring love for others--toward fellow Christians, in particular. 

The word devoted here can also mean constant, loyal, or faithful. 

Devotion indicates strong feelings and a willingness to be linked to in service or relationship without regard to reciprocation. 

Devotion enables one to overlook flaws, flaws, imperfections, and inconveniences.

Jesus certainly modeled this in his interactions with his disciples, loving them through impertinent questions, betrayal, and desertion. 

The second command in this verse is to “honor one another above yourselves.” To honor means to regard with great respect. This instruction may come easier to some than others (especially depending on how much self-respect one has).

For many, building others up or taking the backseat (literally or figuratively) seems to come naturally. In contrast, for others (particularly those driven to strive to be seen or the best), it can be difficult to share or relinquish the spotlight. 

Honoring others above yourself is a call to genuine, sacrificial love, the same kind of love modeled to us by Jesus--The Son of God, who washed the feet of his followers. “Who, being in the very nature God, didn’t consider equality with God something to be used to his own advantage; rather he made himself nothing, taking on the role of a servant...” 

Loving in this way stands out in our present culture (just as it did in Jesus’ ministry), and consistently doing so wins hearts and souls for the Lord.

Have you ever witnessed someone who honors others above themself? If so, think about the impact they had on you.

We are witnesses to His testimony when we choose to love like Jesus loved. 

By doing so, we reflect and magnify the love of Christ in the world through our love in action!

PS - Want to keep this verse with you all week long? Just take a screenshot of the image (or download it) to use as your lock screen!

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