Love in Action - Romans 12:11

This week, as we continue our “Love in Action” series over Romans 12:9-16, we’re looking at verse 11.

It makes sense that a chapter on actionable love would address both “zeal” (great energy or enthusiasm) and “fervor” (intense and passionate feeling).

The verse we looked at last week called for honoring others above ourselves. Of course, Paul would follow that command with encouragement related to stamina.

It can be easy to put others first occasionally, but constantly taking second place can be wearing. Especially in a society that often tells us, “You’re worth it,” “You deserve it,” and “Do what makes you happy.” 

It's also all too easy to over-schedule ourselves, even with “good” things, like volunteering/serving others. But, if we allow these commitments to drain us, without considering why and for whom we are doing them, they become worthless. 

We often get excited thinking about our new favorite book, singer, or movie, but the fires of our spiritual passion can also be stoked when we meditate and tell others about God’s goodness and the “why” behind our service to Him.  

Earlier in Romans 12, Paul warned, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind...” Sometimes maintaining our zeal and fervor will require a mind renewal, in which we must remember why we serve. 

We love Him because He first loved us. 

We don’t serve for status, reward, or recognition, but out of the overflow of an eternally grateful heart and a desire to help others benefit from the same grace we’ve been abundantly given--this is love in action!


PS - Want to keep this verse with you all week long? Just take a screenshot of the image (or download it) to use as your lock screen!

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