2020 Advent Scripture Writing Plan

Merry Christmas! I am so very excited that you have chosen to add the practice of

scripture writing to your Christmas season. You will be blessed.


The purpose of this journal is to help us focus on the anticipation and joy of the Christmas season.

We will trace the redemptive story of Jesus in the Bible and see Jesus’ promised arrival unfold and anticipate His second return with renewed hope.

This journal is structured for you to spend time each day writing, meditating and praying as you prepare for Christmas. There is space each day to write the day’s verse several times and to even illustrate them if you would like. There is also space for you to write your daily prayers and thanksgivings. But please feel free to use this journal any way you choose - there is no right or wrong approach to spending time in God’s word. 

There are 40 verses and entry pages in this journal, so you probably won’t finish it during the technical advent season. Having more than 25 verses allows us to carry this practice into the New Year and begin the year focused on Christ. If you miss a few days - no worries! This journal is meant to be a blessing to your life, NOT to add stress. Just jump back in when you can and enjoy the blessings that come from spending time in God’s word. 

Enjoy your journal and may you have a very blessed Christmas and New Year. 


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