5 Ways to Engage with Scripture

Have you ever read a Bible passage and when you were finished had no idea what you just read? It’s one thing to simply read scripture, but when you engage with it, when you learn to slow down & REALLY read it, suddenly key words and principles start popping off the page.

5 ways to engage with scripture and study the bible

While there isn't really one definitive definition of what it means to engage scripture, I think of it this way - scripture engagement is any method I use to spend time in God's word while gaining insight - both of the meaning of the text and how scripture applies to my life.

Here are a few other thoughts:

"Scripture engagement is interaction with the biblical text in a way that provides sufficient opportunity for the text to speak for itself by the power of the Holy Spirit, enabling readers and listeners to hear the voice of God and discover for themselves the unique claim Jesus Christ is making upon them."

Dr. Fergus Macdonald, Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement

“Bible engagement is the process whereby people are connected with the Bible such that they have meaningful encounters with Jesus Christ and their lives are progressively transformed in Him.”
Dr. Lawson Murray, President Scripture Union Canada

“Bible engagement is "the process of taking in and living out God's Word for the purpose of knowing him better and experiencing him more."”
Whitney Kuniholm, President of Scripture Union USA

Remember - Anytime you engage with scripture, always begin with PRAYER.