The story behind Farm Girl Journals

Before I created Farm Girl Journals, I searched everywhere for Bible tabs that were not only colorful, but had personality. 

I found a few options available, but they were small, and quite frankly, completely boring. They were beige with boring black fonts. Yuck. 

I wanted CUTE and FUN tabs for my beautiful Bible. Tabs with personality! Not boring old man tabs (no offense to any old men out there!). 

I thought about making my own tabs, but I had no idea how to go about it. That’s when the research began.

I decided I would set out to create the most creative, high end, durable, and easy to apply Bible Tabs that even the most artistic Bible journaler would adore. 

But then…

As it turns out, the road was a bit more difficult than I imagined.

I quickly found that Bible tabs need to be made of a durable material that doesn't separate or bend too easily, but also isn't so stiff that it tears fragile Bible pages.  We finally settled on professional grade vinyl in order to achieve the vivid colors I was looking for and the durability our customer deserve. 


I was able to track down the winning combination of the highest quality materials I could find. I opened my shop with 3 sets of Bible tabs and a few prayer and Bible journals.

I was a worried that no one would find my products on online, but they quickly began selling. Before long I had to hire two employees just to help me keep up with demand!

Through it all we have continued to grow and the response to our tabs and journals has been amazing. Everyone who uses our Bible tabs and journals absolutely raves about them.

The best part of all?

When someone shares that our products have helped them spend more time in prayer and Bible study and helped them grow their relationship with God. It just doesn’t get any better than that.